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Over the past years, OCAT Shenzhen has witnessed the growth of our volunteers and contributed to the spread of art. OCAT Shenzhen would like to thank every one of our volunteers for their support and dedication and look forward to our continued progress.

Open recruitment of volunteers now!

If you :

Strong interest in contemporary art and gallery activities

Have a sense of responsibility for volunteering

Want to know more like-minded partners in the exhibition activities

Welcome you who love art to join us!

Recruitment: Volunteer (several)


Exhibition Department

Exhibition Assistant:

Assist the staff of the art museum in arranging and removing the exhibition.

Provide assistance to art museum activities during the exhibition.

Maintain the integrity of the artwork, deal with emergencies, and guide the audience to visit. We need to fully understand the exhibition and provide explanations for visitors during the exhibition.

Cooperate with the department for image processing and video editing.

Participated in volunteer activities and graphic design and spatial layout of some projects of the museum.

We hope you :

1. Good image, standard in Mandarin.

2. Cheerful personality, good affinity, strong communication and coordination skills.

3. Familiar with office and design software.

4. Those who can communicate in basic English daily are preferred.


Public Project Department

Project Assistant:

Assist the Public Project Department to complete various activities of public education.

Assist project content writing, promotion and translation work.

During the exhibition opening and public education activities, carry out photography, video shooting, post-processing and archiving.

Maintain and manage communities related to public education.


Future Children’s Project Assistant (June-August):

Prepare and execute materials for public education activities.

Assist the instructor to complete the course.

Maintain order and safety in the museum.


We hope you:

1. Like to get along with children and be patient.

2. Cheerful personality, good affinity, strong communication and coordination skills.

3. We look forward to the participation of people with special skills to provide voluntary services for the rich activities of the museum.


Recruitment Requirements

1. At least 18 years old, university students and members of the public; physical and mental health, active and enthusiastic, good at communication, honest and trustworthy, serious and careful, have team spirit.

2. Love contemporary art, have sense of responsibility; have good cultural literacy, and are willing to serve the society for free.

3. Strictly abide by the relevant regulations on volunteer service in the museum and complete the volunteer work conscientiously and responsibly.

4. Complete the volunteer service at least once every two weeks for a single exhibition.

5. Actively participate in volunteer training and activities.


Volunteer Welfare

During the volunteer service period, you can visit various exhibitions and activities held by OCAT Shenzhen Museum. All activities are free of appointment and have the opportunity to participate in the arrangement of the exhibition.

Volunteers with a service time of more than 40 hours in a single exhibition can issue a volunteer service certificate by the museum.

OCAT Shenzhen Museum provides free meals for volunteers who volunteer; volunteers who complete 6 or more services in a single exhibition can receive gifts.

OCAT Shenzhen Museum provides professional training.(including but not limited to: media art, architecture.) 

Volunteers have the opportunity to get close to the artists, curators,and scholars.

Outstanding volunteers will have the opportunity to become interns in the OCAT Shenzhen Museum.


Registration time: recruitment throughout the year


Working period

From three months. *Participants with long-term stability are preferred

(The specific working hours will be adjusted according to the actual work content and personal circumstances)


Ways of Registration

Send your resume to, remarks: volunteer + position + name



We will respond in order of the time of receipt.