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OCAT Studio

The "OCAT Studio" project is one of the main projects of the OCAT Shenzhen Museum. Since the establishment of OCAT Shenzhen Museum in 2005, eight consecutive sessions have been held from 2006 to 2013. It restarted in 2018 and has so far invited 48 curators, artists and researchers from 22 countries and regions. OCAT Shenzhen Museum aim to create a multi-level and cross-field exchange platform for art practitioners at home and abroad, to integrate domestic and foreign cultural resources, and to promote the construction and development of Chinese contemporary art and mechanisms, so as to build OCAT into a contemporary art institution with international professional standards.


OCAT Shenzhen Museum offers four renovated residences, each including a studio and a living room. Equipped with basic equipment for work and life such as Wi-Fi, furniture, TV, telephone landline, washing machine, water heater, air conditioner, kitchenware, bedding and so on.

Financial support

Participants of the "OCAT Studio" project will get a round-trip air ticket (economy class) from their city to Shenzhen, the necessary facilities and funds during the studio, as well as medical and personal accident insurance during the studio; The daily basic consumption during the studio is also undertaken by OCAT Shenzhen Museum.


Participant's responsibilities

When applying, submit materials and a "studio plan" in accordance with the requirements of OCAT Shenzhen Museum, and complete the plan before the end of the studio project.

During the studio: communicate with OCAT staff and cooperate with each other; participate in the activities organized by OCAT Shenzhen Art Museum for the studio project; communicate with art workers in the local and surrounding cities, and inspect art institutions in the local and surrounding cities; regular Open studios and conduct one or two exchange activities with art workers and art lovers in Shenzhen and surrounding cities; visit exhibitions or other activities held by OCAT Shenzhen Museum, Hua Art Museum.

Except for the matters promised by OCAT, all other expenses during the studio period shall be borne by the residents themselves.

After the stay, submit a summary report.



All application materials will be submitted to the OCAT Academic Committee and the curator, and their members will vote, and the one with the highest number of votes will be selected.



After each studio project is over, OCAT Shenzhen Museum will host exhibitions or other types of presentations according to the specific situation. The studio project will also share resources with the OCAT museum group, and present it in other museums according to the specific situation.

List of previous participants



Birgit Hopfener(德/Germany)

Che Jin Suk 蔡珍淑(韩/Korea)

Henry Seng 盛海(瑞/Switzerland)

徐坦 Xu Tan(中/China)



Alistair Francis Leighton Gentry(英/United Kingdom)

Feisal Arahmaiani(印尼/Indonesia)


"Honggang Garden"

(Chu Yun, Liu Chuang, Li Jinghu ) (中/China)

Jesus Palomino(西班牙/Spain)

Thanos Zakopoulos(希腊/Greece)



Claire Louise Staunton(英/United Kingdom)

黄小鹏 Huang Xiaopeng(中/China)

Paola Yacoub (黎巴嫩/Lebanon)& Michel Lasserre (法国France)

Susanne Burner(德/Germany)



Dinu Li 李典宇(英/United Kingdom)

梁美萍 Liang Meiping(中国香港/Hong Kong)

Mimi Tong(澳/Australia)

Neno Belchev(保加利亚/Bulgaria)



Grant Stevens(澳/Australia)

Halldór Ásgeirsson(冰岛/Iceland)

Keren Shavit(以色列/Israel)

罗永进 Luo Yongjin(中/China)



Frank Havermans(荷兰/Netherlands)

Nika Oblak & Primoz Novak(斯洛文尼亚/Slovenia)

Paula Orrell(英/United Kingdom)

Thomas Adebahr(德/Germany)



Constant Dullaart(荷兰/Netherlands)

刘诗园 Liu Shiyuan(中/China)

Marko Daniel(英/United Kingdom)



Adam Avikainen(美/United States)

蔡青Cai Qing(中/China)

Dirk Braeckmans(比利时/Belgium)

Dierk Schmidt(德/Germany)

Nav Haq(比利时/Belgium)

Patrick Flores(菲律宾/Philippines)



李消非 Li Xiaofei(中/China)

Karolina Breguła(波兰/Poland)

Giuditta Vendrame(荷兰/Netherlands)

姚明峰& 王叶子 Mingfeng Yao and Yezi Wang(中/China)



Chris Hamamoto(美/United States)& Federico Pérez Villoro (墨西哥/Mexico)

Elizabeth Lo 罗宝(美/United States)

卢恒 Henry Heng Lu(加拿大/Canada)

Roxana Fabius(美/United States)