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OCAT Shenzhen

OCAT Shenzhen was founded in 2005 and functions as the headquarters of OCAT Museums. As the museum group’s first site, OCAT Shenzhen has a long-term commitment to practice and research in the fields of contemporary art and theory both inside China and in the international arena.

Programs at OCAT Shenzhen include in-depth surveys, research, publications, and presentation of both individual artists and thematic group exhibitions. In addition to these activities produced as OCAT Exhibitions, other annual programs include OCAT Residency, which facilitates the dialogue between artists/art workers from different academic and cultural backgrounds; OCAT Performs, which considers performance practice and discussion on art, dance, and theatre; and OCAT Screens, which shows documentaries, video art, and films accompanied by theoretical discussions. In tandem with exhibitions, performances, screenings, and visiting scholars, OCAT Shenzhen holds thought-provoking public programs such as lectures, conversations and other events in the OCAT Library, the Residency Studio and the Exhibition Space. Select content from these events is edited and published, so as to offer documentation and reading materials for researchers and the wider public. At OCAT Shenzhen, the publication that arises from an exhibition project is often interwoven with the exhibition, yet also stands on its own as an independent and parallel artistic practice, since the conception, editing, and design of such publications can also be considered as a form of artistic and conceptual articulation and experimentation. Young practitioners as well as pioneering ideas and discoveries in art are central to the programs of OCAT Shenzhen. In light of this, the OCAT Youth Project has been launched to present the recent work, thinking, and imagination of artists, curators, and critics.

Departments of OCAT Shenzhen

Exhibition Department: Curate and carry out exhibition projects of OCAT Shenzhen.

Media and Education Department: Curate and develop public education programs; promote exhibitions and programs to the public ; and contact with the media.

Research Department: Promote the OCAT Residency project and the OCAT Library project; research on the exhibitions curated by OCAT Shenzhen; and responsible for academic publications.

Administrative Department: Assist with daily operation and administrative affairs of OCAT Shenzhen.

Museum Group Office: Responsible for the branding, communications, promotion, and administrative work for the whole OCAT Museums.


Opening Hours:

10:00 - 17:30 (closed Mondays except public holidays)

Free entry (except for special exhibitions)


Address: F2 Building, Enping Road, Overseas Chinese Town, Nanshan District, Shenzhen